Detox Day 10: For Those That Underestimate Me

“I’ll Show Them!” We all say it, but how many of us actually act on it? It’s like those people on American Idol who think they are stars and clearly they stink.

I am often underestimated. Sometimes when you dream big people think you are ridiculous, however, I’ve come a looong way in my 32 years and I feel like I am just getting started.  This year I’m making huge life changes. I’ve stopped some unnecessary luxuries out of my life, I’m streamlining, I’m making sacrifices today so that I can be a better man tomorrow. Taking care of myself is a big step in that direction.

Special note… those pants that I couldn’t wear just 9 days ago? Well, I’m wearing them comfortably this morning… however, the shirt I chose to wear with them is a little snug. But I felt so motivated after losing 2 more pounds today. I thought since I ate that “big” dinner last night that I would have shown either 0 weight lost or maybe even gained a pound or two.


Current Weight: 333.6 (18.6 total pounds lost)
Breakfast: Strawberries
Lunch: Carrots, 100% Fruit Smoothie, small salad
Dinner: large piece of Sea Bass from PF Changs, 2 vegetable dumplings, Steamed Broccoli – best meal I have had in the last 9 days. Shouldn’t have eaten the dumpling, but felt like they were so small I could afford to splurge a tiny bit. Still can’t believe I’ve got 10 days drinking nothing but water.


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