Detox Day 9: For Self Discipline

Sticking to a diet plan like this one requires discipline, but more than that, it illuminates how poorly I eat. For one week I’ve given up meat, dairy, caffeine, sweets, and bread. It’s made me realize how much I indulge and how I rarely think about how it is affecting me. A breakfast burrito in the morning, chicken strips for lunch, Starbucks during a break, and chinese food for dinner is pretty standard for me. On occasion I would have a salad for lunch or a yogurt for breakfast, but now that I’ve been eating so little for a week I can really see how much I’ve been over eating.

My foot is damaged as you may have read in my tweets. Torn ligaments and a dislocated bone and I’m stuck in a walking brace for 3 weeks. Ugh. I’m very distraught because I relieve stress by doing Yoga, playing Ultimate Frisbee, racquetball and lifting weights. Normally I do at least 10 hours of Cardio a week. That’s 1-2 hours of Ultimate, 2-3 Yoga classes and a couple games of racquetball. If my foot wasn’t hurt I had planned to really maximize this detox plan by getting in some serious workouts. Now that isn’t to be. I’m afraid that if I don’t lift and start eating some sort of protein that I’ll do my body a disservice and start to lose muscle. I have lost a totaly of 16.8 pounds in 8 days. My pants fit slightly better, but I’ll need to lose a total of 30 before I will be able to tell any real difference and even then it will only appear to be a marginal weight loss on my large frame.

So… I’m going to try to incorporate baked fish into my diet. It is actually allowed on this detox, I’ve just been trying to be vegetarian for the most part. I want to lose weight and I want to detox, but I’ve been surprised at how I don’t feel “Toxic”. I don’t feel a whole lot different from how I normally feel when I eat junk and workout a lot. I’m a little more tired and I sleep amazingly well, but my skin isn’t breaking out and I’m not having “flu like” symptons as some people have claimed that they have had during the first week.

On the upside, I’ve lost 16.8 pounds and that is really good. I’m going to lift weights this week sans cardio and hope that keeps my muscles stimulated and growing. I think it will also help with the overall weight loss. I just need to find the right and most productive balance.

Current Weight: 335.4 (16.8 total pounds lost)
Breakfast: Watermelon
Lunch: Carrots and 100% Fruit Smoothie
Dinner: Baby Arugula salad from Fireside Pies. I told them no meat, and the menu didn’t say anything about cheese, but it had a little bit of cheese on it. I only ate half of it.

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