Detox Day 8: For Desperado Tryouts

In case you are still wondering, I am still planning on trying out for the Dallas Desperados in September/October. I’ve been working out more, but man, my foot is killing me this morning. It is just not getting better. I have to go to the doctor, now the pain has started to climb up my leg, I think that is because I went for a walk yesterday and not walking properly on your feet causes problems in other parts of your leg. Ugh!!! It is so frustrating. I just don’t like injuries, I can’t tolerate them, especially when I have a goal and when I feel like this injury could have been avoided.

Current Weight: 338 (14.2 total pounds lost in 1 week, feeling like this is a legit 14.2 now since I haven’r really lost any these last 3 days.)
Breakfast: Decaf coffee 
Lunch: Large spinach salad with onions, carrots, hummus, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
Dinner: pinto beans and guacamole – not sure if guac is allowed, but I ate it anyway. it and the hummus are tiny splurges that I rarely do.

I plan to buckled down on this week and lose another 15 pounds, and I’m going to do Yoga hurt foot and all – unless the doctor says no.

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