Tweets for 2008-05-11

  • Still making mental lists of all the food I am going to eat when I get off this detox. Pizza fried rice fried chicken cinnamon rolls coffee. #
  • I sure miss Dairy. When I get off this detox I plan to drink a carton of heavy whipping cream. #
  • Going on Record – I do not like the skinny tie. The one that Ryan Seacrest wears isn’t working. #
  • Wondering if I should do some manscaping and shave my upper body. Who am I kidding, we all know I was just wanted to say manscaping. #
  • Talked to mom for 30 minutes followed by 40 minutes of talking with Erin. If there was some sort of amazing man olympics I’d get the gold. #
  • Feeling guilty for not calling Nate or Donna back, but not guilty enough to do anything about it. #
  • Video games are fantasy outlets – I would like a video game called Grand Buffet and I would enjoy the sequels just as much as the first one #
  • The Best Look In The World. You gotta love those SNL digital shorts, they are so educational. #
  • "My Morning Jacket" sounds like a cross between Creedence, Aerosmith, Alabama and a balloon when you let the air out slowly. #
  • At Starbucks, guy next to me is wearing these long navy socks folded down. Reminds me of Flashdance, just pull sweatshirt off shoulder. #
  • Miley cyrus’ birthname is Destiny Hope. The things you learn while waiting for your massage therapist. #
  • Listening to Hometown by Adele. She is so good. Sounds like Amy Winehouse but better. Also enjoying Viva la Vida by Coldplay. #

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