I Get It From My Mama

I don’t know if it is possible to have a better Mother/Son relationship than what I have with my mom. We are best friends without being clingy or needy. My mom doesn’t try to control my life and is always supportive of whatever I do. She is my favorite audience and whenever something great happens in my life, she is the first one that I call. I love you mom.

For Mother’s Day, my sisters and I, took off work on Friday and we went to a place called Kil’n Time where you paint pottery. My 2 year old nephew Aiden came with us and he was so hilarious. My mom, being the crazy grandma that she is, wanted Aiden to call her Babooska, which is Russian for Grandma. He couldn’t say Babooska and so that got shortened to just Booska which has now transformed to Booga. Mom says that sound like booger and she wants to teach him to say the Ba-Boo-Ska correctly.

Everytime I call my mom she is talking about Aiden. He stays with her a lot and she spends so much time playing with him and giving him undivided attention. Tireless she serves everyone around her and it not only impresses me, it fascinates me. It is almost as if she is a super hero with special abilities – those abilities being Super Love, Unselfishness, Kindness, Wisdom, and an abundance of Joy.

After we painted pottery we went to have a small lunch at the Greenhouse Cafe in Denton. It was so much fun just spending time with her and my sisters. I love them so much.

People often tell me that I’m fun to be around. I’m constantly humbled by the number of compliments people throw in my direction, but when I think of all the good things that make up who I am, well, I get them from my mama.

Thanks Mom for always being so cool and fun and funny. You are the best mom and grandma on the planet. I love you.

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