Detox Day 7: For Mud Volleyball

I know what you are thinking… “Why would he say for mud volleyball?” Well, it’s actually for any sport where I want to take my shirt off. Last July when I went to see my cousin Chanc in Oklahoma we played Mud Volleyball and while there were  a lot of people out of shape, there were also a lot of people in shape. I want to be one of those people and this year the tournament falls on July 26th. I’ve gone my whole life being ashamed to take my shirt off in public. I’ve done it, but it wasn’t pretty. I don’t mind being a little chubby, I make a little chubby look hot, but I there is a line between “husky” and just plain fat. I know that I am breaking one of my rules here by pointing out my fatness, this is something you shouldn’t do… unless you are on a 21 day detox that is supposed to make you leaner and healthier.

Yesterday I did nothing but hang out at the house. I had a meeting with a client that morning and I had an orange juice and a banana at a coffee shop. Later that day I had beans, squash, watermelon, and pineapple and a small spinach salad with chickpeas, red peppers and balsamic vinegar and onions. I should have eaten more veggies as I am supposed to be eating them at a 2:1 ration. 2 veggies for every one fruit, but I have been sort of backward on that because fruit is so much more convenient to eat.

Current Weight: 338.4 (Surprised that I haven’t lost more, still not “going” like I should)
Breakfast: Banana and Orange Juice – not the best options for the glycemic index
Lunch: zucchini and pinto beans
Dinner: Pineapple – small spinach salad

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