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Detox Day 6: Because I Need Options

There are days when I am sitting my my cell cubicle at work and I wish that I could be doing something else. I often dream of working for a large church in their graphic and communications department. Then there are times when I think it would be cool to work for a church camp full time or a college campus. In each of these dreams I am in good shape. My shirt is tucked in and I am a buff 280 instead of a big 350. I always imagine the interview and I’ve got my shirt tucked in and I’m looking like someone who is in shape and takes care of themself, someone that I would want to hire. It is amazing how much I let my appearance limit me. How I look each day affects my entire mood. It’s like that favorite pair of jeans you have, if you could wear them 365 days a year you would be comfortable and happy – but you can’t. Eventually clothes wear out and what it comes down to is the most basic of clothes look great when you are in shape. I know, I used to weigh 218.

Yesterday I probably consumed more calories than I have all week combined. So I gained back a little weight, but I expected it. I’m also still not going to the bathroom as much as I would like.

Current Weight: 339 (I ate a lot of veggies and fruit yesterday and drank a large strawberry apple juice)
Breakfast: Pineapple and Carrots
Lunch: Vegetarian stuffed bell pepper and black beans covered with salsa.
Dinner: Squash and Pinto Beans

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