Tweets for 2008-05-08

  • Watching Gladiator and thinking that I could totally pull of one of those man skirts. I would need the sword and helmut as well of course. #
  • Watched Heather Armstrong on the Today show. Thought she looked stunning and surprisingly like my Aunt Jan. #
  • What I miss most on this detox… Starbucks, Chicken, Eating Out. #
  • Watching Top Chef, love the drama, but it makes me hungry and I can’t eat anything I want to eat. #
  • This just in: Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are married!!! #
  • I’m having hot flashes, my own personal summer right here in my cube for no reason at all. #
  • So many carrots I feel like Bugs Bunny. What’s up Doc? My poo is orange that is what’s up. #

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