Detox Day 2: For Me

When you do a diet, you should never do it for someone else, you should do it for yourself.  Do it because it is something you need to do, a change you want to make, to feel better, etc.

I’ve been putting off dieting because I was fed up with trying. My life happens to be super fun and packed with events that always center around food. Oh, wait, what’s that? Your life is the same way too?

Living in America our culture is all about food and why not? It’s good, it’s fun and it is an inexpensive form of entertaintment. (Eating is also required to survive just in case you didn’t know that.)

So today, I’m doing this detox for me, for my future, for long-term health. This year is proving to be a life-changing year for me. I’ve made some big strides, accomplished a lot, achieved some personal goals and I want to continue down that path.

Breakfast: Carrots and water
Current Weight: 345.6 (Surprised by the ~7 pound weight loss, mostly water I’m sure.)
Lunch: Beans with avocado (Avocado is actually a fruit, but I’m allowing it)
Dinner: Broccoli, Beans, Vegetable Medley

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