Tweets for 2008-05-05

  • Thai food with Erin followed by long conversation and a trip to Cold Stone. It was a delightful evening. #
  • Nearly blasted my head off with my iPod. Note to self: Turn down volume. Seriously. #
  • Enjoying: Thy Mercy, My God by Sandra McCracken #
  • Had a "What kid names do you like?" with the girlfriend last night. What is wrong with Falcon? It’s a perfectly cool boy name. #
  • We both agreed on "Storm" for a girl, like Storm from X-Men. #
  • She’s the first girl to leave me speechless. My attempts at flattery fall flat. My heart beats. I’m incapacitated. Paralyzed. Smitten. #
  • We talked about poop. Yep. That was a first for me. Maybe I am growing up… maybe… #
  • Sniffs, makes note that it does NOT smell like teen spirit. #
  • I’ve been a vegetarian now for 5 hours and all I can think about is "Where’s the Beef!" #
  • People in cube next to me start whispering… before that I wasn’t even listening to what they were saying, now I’m curious. #
  • Where the heck is my stimulus check? The economy is depending upon me to stimulate it? #
  • I’ve got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine… And apparently it is happy to see you. #

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