Tweets for 2008-05-02

  • Had a late date and I am now wide awake. #
  • I shot the Sheriff… And actually I DID shoot his deputy. He was eye-ballin’ me all funny. #
  • Meeting filled with fiddle faddle and poppycock. We also have snacks. #
  • Ever been to Fogo De Chao or Texas De Brazil? I’m going to a similar place tonight to binge on meat. #
  • It is because of days like today that people tolerate Texas weather. It is Fantastic outside. #
  • Just purchased a Coke at work from a vending machine with a credit card. .70 cents. #
  • Slight rip in pants leg. Must refrain from getting angry and Hulking Out at work. You won’t like me when I am angry. #
  • My biggest fear in life is that I will die and no one will truly know how amazingly hilarious I am when I am by myself. #

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