Snakes… Not on a Plane

Last night Erin came over for dinner and she made the mistake of asking to see my website . After that I insisted that she look through my entire online portfolio of both my websites created and my family photos.

I made grilled ham, turkey and smoked gruyere sandwiches and served a homemade fruit salad in my Southern Living Ramikins. Is that how you spell Ramikin Jes? (Jes also has eaten some bananas foster that she made out of these same ramikins.)

So we after dinner we go for a walk and I see something that looks like a stick and like a snake. I start to step on it and it starts moving. Erin sees it and starts trying to pull me away to safety. Image this little 5′ 5″ person trying to pull my enormous body anywhere. It was a full on example of futility. I am not scared of snakes, especially ones that are literally the size of a large earth worm, but Erin reacted cat quick like it was cobra ready to strike.

After our walk and our near death experience we went back to the house and watched LOST. She hasn’t been watching the show so I took the time to pause it on occasion to quickly fill her in with bits and pieces of back story so that hopefully she could start to catch up. I mean, she likes Michael Jackson, Karaoke, Dancing, and Me, so I can’t expect her to like LOST too, if she did then she would almost be too perfect and no one likes perfection, it makes us feel inferior and no one like to feel inferior.

So that was us last night. Nothing spectacular but a really great time.  I make a simple dinner featuring 4 of the 5 basic food groups, forced her to endure listening to my life history and viewing it in photos and I got us some exercise and entertainment all in one evening. Talk about a power date. Guys take notes cause I am even impressing myself.

This weekend is mostly a guys weekend and so I won’t see Erin until Sunday for church which is nice because we are going to start going together and that will be nice.

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