Staring at the tip of my Wang

No, it’s not a new country song.

I rushed into the Yoga studio ready to get my sweat on and decided I had better empty my bladder first. I pee and write when I put everything back in it’s place a drop of blood falls into the toilet. I quickly pull Mr. Wang back out. My heart is racing. I’ve been having these stomach issues lately and so I’m panicky. In 2 seconds it is amazing the number of mental scenarious you can run through: Stomach cancer, kidney cancer, testicular cancer, gastroenteritis, kidney infection, E-Coli.

I inspect and everything looks fine and then I see that my hand is bleeding profusely. I’ve got blood on my shorts and shirt. After I look further I realize I have a paper cut from the sign in sheet? It’s a small cut but you would have thought I had sliced an artery.

So no worries. No cancer. No bleeding out from the inside. In the clear this time.

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