I feel a burning, you know, down there…

…in the pit of your stomach. That anxiety burn you get when you are stressed out about something bad that you know is about to happen.

Did you ever know you were going to get in trouble when you got home from school and so you stressed out about it. You fretted so much that the anticipation of the punishment was worse than the actual punishment itself? I’ve been feeling that way lately. A large unexpected $900 dollar electric bill combined with some other unexpected expenses and a few problems at work has seriously started to take it’s toll on me.

Lately, every single day I have an upset stomach. Bile and acid are swimming like angry sharks in my belly eating up my intestines like a big pile of bratwursts. I’ll pull myself out of this hole like I always do, this is just the first time that it has ever affected my ability to eat. When my eating is off, then everything is off.

Burn baby burn… disco inferno – inside my belly.

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