Wednesday Morning 8:13

He arrived at the Einstein Brothers Bagels wearing a crisp white shirt, gray cashmere slacks and black rockports.

In line he ordered a bagel. People stood and watched. Slice, slice, slice went the bagel machine.

Dutch apple bagel with Honey Almond schmeer and a large iced tea. American Express. Back in the Honda Pilot.

Clip Clop went his shoes on the pavement. Hi Friends. Hahahahaa. Laughter. Conversation.


He walks into the restroom. Stands in front of Urinal #176. Goes to unzip pants. Pants already unzipped. Shrugs shoulders and makes note of time saved. Good thing he wasn’t going commando, but then he probably would have felt a draft.

Sits in meeting and wonders how many people even noticed his fly open. Remembers being a kid and hearing the phrase “your barn doors open and the cow’s coming out.”

Smirks. It was good to be a kid.

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