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Losing Well

My roommate and I have started playing racquetball together and it is really fun because right now he is still learning and so I have been winning every game. He gets upset and I tell him to take it easy, that he is just learning.

We get so much more out of failure than we do success, people just don’t realize it. It takes a lot to learn how to lose well, to allow failure to expose your weakness, to sharpen you, to help you see what you need to keep working on.

Winning, especially winning easily, makes for hollow victories, complacency and arrogance. Losing allows for humility and acceptance of defeat with grace. Learning to lose well shows character. When we are beaten, we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it, but instead, we should look for areas of improvement.

I don’t like to lose, but I think succeeding all the time would get old.

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