Indecent Exposure


The following event was reported to the Plano Police Department.

OFFENSE NUMBER: 2008-58548
OFFENSE TYPE: Indecent Exposure
LOCATION/STREET: Wilderness Trail (South of Legacy between Alma/Custer, Mapsco 558X)
DATE: 4/2/08 (Wednesday) TIME: 9:00am

DESCRIPTION: The adult female victim was riding her bicycle in the 6600 block of Wilderness when the suspect drove up next to her in the Red Colbalt and exposed himself to her. The victim yelled she was calling the police and the suspect drove away.

SUSPECT INFORMATION: Hispanic male, 20-30 years of age.

VEHICLE INFORMATION: Red Chevy Colbalt bearing possible Texas license plate #BFM-54?

When I was growing up we lived in Northaven Apartments in Dallas right off of Josey Lane and 635. I remember walking down the street and this man in a black car pulled up and said something like, “Hey kids, look at this…” and he was holding his junk in his hand. He laughed and then drove away.

One day while I was walking home in the same apartment complex a man lifted the leg of his shorts and flashed me. I just ran home scared.

In total I was flashed 4 times in the period of about a year while living there in Dallas. My parents left me and my sisters at home alone during the summer. We were 7,8, and 9. Thankfully nothing ever happened to any of us physically.

I later relayed this story to a co-worker of mine and he said the same thing happened to him and his brother growing up.

It made me realize that this probably happens quite a bit so even when your kids are just playing in the street, keep an eye on them.

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