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Like Me Please: A beginner’s guide to popularity

1. Shut your fat mouth. No one likes a boring Chatty Cathy.
2. Listen to what other people say.
3. Compliment – everyone loves to have nice things said about them, but make sure the compliment is sincere, legit, and meaningful, as in “Man you sure are tall” is not a meaningful compliment, that is an observation and might get you labeled as a “Captain Obvious”.
4. Time – when you spend time with someone it shows them they are worthy of one of the most valuable resources each of us has.
5. Do Something – when was the last time you ever saw someone that was really popluar that didn’t do anything exceptional?
6. Be Generous – No one likes a tightwad. If you can’t afford to buy someone a nice gift, then spend what you do have, time, creativity, thoughtfulness – any or all of these will do.
7. Be responsive – communication is great, but it is only affective when you get a response. Delaying a response to an invite may keep you from being invited again. This is a strategy that may be employed when trying to avoid accepting an invitation, but it is much better just to respond with a “No”.
8. Serve – it is rare that people are willing to give freely of their time and service, so rare that people will normally be baffled at your willingness to do something for them without expecting anything in return. However, before offering your service make sure you are competent at what you are offering, there is nothing worse than someone who offers to help only to spend more time training them than actually getting your work done.
9. Be Teachable – Don’t be a know-it-all – sometimes people want to share something with you that you may already know. Don’t interrupt them and say, “I know”, maybe instead allow them to finish and then say, “Sure, I’ve heard of something like that before” or just ask them a question about it that will further educate you on the subject.
10. Be Independent – there is nothing worse than a friend who is a constant burden. It’s one thing to help someone in an hour of need, but a lifetime of need is exhausting. Sometimes you need to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and solve your own problems.
11. Be positive – don’t whine and complain all the time about anything and everything.
12. Be interesting – if you don’t have something interesting to say, then think of interesting questions, or be interested in what others have to say. People like it when you act interested in them.
13. Humor – hands down this is the best way to be well-liked. Everyone loves a good laugh and if you can’t make a good joke then be sure that you are at least able to laugh at yourself. NEVER take yourself too seriously.
14. Be humble – arrogance is annoying.
15. Be confident – confidence is something people pick up on, you don’t have to tell someone over and over, “I am good at….” instead, let them see for themselves. When it comes to confidence actions really do speak louder than words.
16. Have your crap together – smell good, occasionaly wear nice clothes, understand what is going on in the world to some degree. Take care of yourself.
17. Bloom where you are planted – I saw this quote and loved it. So often we get stuck somewhere we hate and instead of making the best of it, we make the worst of it. Instead, bloom, use that adversity to challenge yourself and if that doesn’t work then uproot yourself and change your circumstances.
18. Say Thank You – there is something wonderful about being appreciated. If you can’t reciprocate, be sure to appreciate.
19. Be Respectful – If we respect each other and our surroundings then everyone has a better quality of life.
20. Read Posted Note religiously.

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