“I’ve got this big honker” “I have a snaggletooth” and other things you shouldn’t tell people over and over…

I used to be the world’s worst when it came to pointing out my inadeqaucies. In my head the list is long, but most people don’t notice them. When I went to New York on a mission trip I kept mentioning how I needed to watch what I ate and that I needed to lose a few pounds. This girl said, “You keep talking about your weight and I think you look fine.” I’ve actually heard this phrase a bunch of times and I realized that even if I do balloon up to be the size of a sumo I shouldn’t always call attention to it.

I was chatting with this girl at work (who is very pretty) and one day in an email she said something about her tooth being “bucked” and I had never even noticed it before – now I do.

There is a mole on my forehead right above my eyebrow and one day when I pointed it out to some friends they had never noticed it and if they had, over time they had forgotten about it as we so often do once we get to know people.

As a rule you should try to minimize the focus off of yourself as much as possible. People are so often consumed with their own short-comings that they don’t have time to notice yours and if they do, well, if you aren’t constantly fretting about it they will admire you for it. They will be like, “Look at her, even with that huge wart on the side of her face she acts like it isn’t even there… impressive.” And if they are still making physical judgements about you in their head it is because they need to put you down to feel better about themselves.

So hold your head high and concentrate on the person within because that person is what quality people remember.

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