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Before and After – For those Renovation Junkies

Living Room!

This was my living room when I bought it. I’ve since changed out the ceiling fan with the help of my buddy Joe who also helped with the fixtures in the dining room and breakfast area.

My Living Room

This is my living room now with a very zany rug that I found. Normally I have more of it hidden under the couch, but I did some spring cleaning yesterday and just now realized that I didn’t place it back where I had it before. In person it looks better than it does here at this angle. Also, I only have 3 Pottery Barn pillows on my couch because those things are about 50 bucks each.

The paint color is Laura Ashely Gold 3 – you can get it at Lowes. I tried multiple other colors from blue to red to mustard yellow to even a sage green. This one worked the best and I love it.

The coffee table is from World Market and that rooster was a gift from the Cribbies back when everyone thought I was into roosters. I’ve never been into roosters, they just seem to keep showing up in my life.

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