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What Happened to Ryan Cabrera? His once enviable good looks seem to have gone the way of his career – down the tube. I’m not one usually to hate, but take a look at him before with that awesome hair and now he looks like a poor man’s version of Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Carribean.



And what is going on with those glasses?

According to Kiddlive…

David Archuletta had a little trouble with the lyrics on “American Idol” this week. But was it more than just a bad case of nerves? “Entertainment Tonight” is reporting that David may have been feeling the pressure from his father, who reportedly yelled at David during a recording session on Monday. Apparently Stage Dad Jeff wasn’t too happy with the way David was singing and even brought him to tears. And reportedly, this isn’t the first time Stage Dad Jeff has caused problems. When David was a 12-year-old contestant on “Star Search,” there were rumors that he harassed a girl competing against David so ruthlessly that he was banned from the set.

Who in the world could be mean to David Archuletta? He is sort of otherworldy in his innocence and sweetness. I’d like to pop his dad Jeff in the mouf and tell him he needs to chill out or else his son is going to end up like Britney.

Dolly Parton won’t be singing this year in SXSW because of some serious back pain. Some say that can be caused from really large boobs, is that true or more of an urban myth? It seems like after a while your body would get used to carrying those things around.

Janet Jackson had to give up her spot on SNL this weekend because of a serious case of the FLU. However, the lovely and talented Mariah Carey is stepping into her place. I don’t know which of these two ladies I love more, but when it comes to Diva’s, they are at the top of my list.

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