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Madonna orders Timberlake to drop pants
Justin Timberlake has revealed that pop queen Madonna ordered him to drop his trousers so that she could give him a B-12 injection.
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Madonna also released a new single recently called “Hey You”. They dropped it yesterday on Kiss FM. Listeners called in and most of them said, “That sucks.”

In other horrific news, this happened this morning in Dallas:

Police: Boys struggled as mom threw them off overpass into I-30 traffic

Two children struggled Wednesday morning before their mother threw them 22 feet from an overpass into oncoming Interstate 30 rush-hour traffic, Dallas police said.

Khandi Busby, 27, then jumped herself from the overpass railing on Jim Miller Road, police said.

“The children were trying to stave off from being thrown but were overpowered,” said Dallas police Lt. C.L. Williams.

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