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Quarterlife: A Review

It’s an emo cast of Friends. 3 girls, 3 guys none of which are even a smidgen as attractive as the cast of Friends, but then they wouldn’t be emo. What else? Well, there was a lot of drama in this first episode, so much so that if they keep up this level of drama it will surpass Steel Magnolias and Schindler’s List combined.

I like the fact that one of the main characters has a video blog called Quarterlife, thus the shows name, however, I’m a little surprised that in the first episode she outed her friends love for another friend as well as called one of her friends a beautiful drunk that she loves that she isn’t perfect. This same blogger goes and tells on her superior for stealing one of her ideas and when that doesn’t seem to work, she tells everyone in a meeting, “That was MY idea”. This part fell a little flat because the retribution just didn’t add up to the indiscretion. A pile of papers to file? HA! If I went behind my boss’ back and told on him for stealing my idea I think there would be more problems for me than a pile of papers to file. Wait, there would be papers to file, Unemployment Papers.

Bottom line: I like the show but maybe because there isn’t much to watch on Tuesday nights other than the Biggest Loser.

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