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Strange Wilderness and Mad Money

Do not, DO NOT waste a dime on Strange Wilderness. I thought Superbad was bad because it was gross and stupid, however, I thought UHF was Golden Globe worthy compared to Strange Wilderness and Superbad was a feel good movie you would want to watch with mom and dad.

I couldn’t believe that Adam Sander produced this total crap. I’d like to start over with this review and try to better explain how horrifically stupid this movie was… but I don’t think I could find the words.

Mad Money on the other hand was good. It was fun and interesting and sweet. It was a little formulaic, but hey, I like formula… it works. I also loved the cast. Don’t go see it at the theater, but definitely rent it and watch it with a big bucket of caramel popcorn. If you don’t know how to make a good caramel popcorn – ask Jes – her’s totally rocks!

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