Shaquille O’Neal traded to the Suns!

This is big, almost as big as that moustache on Shaq’s face! What is that? I haven’t seen one of those since I last saw Biggy’s mom.

The Sun’s are taking over the last 2.5 years of Shaq’s 100 million dollar contract which was 5 years, 100 million. I don’t even know what I would do with all that money. I mean, I am sure I could find a way to spend the first 50 or so, but after that I think I would be all spent out.

Football season is over and so now it’s time to focus back on the NBA… Speaking of NBA – what is going on with the Mavericks? And just in case you haven’t gotten the memo, No, I am not a ManiAAC anymore. Wow… I never expected that to stay with me as long as it has.

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