Doing homework while watching TV and dealing with some extreme back pain…

I’m watching Dance Wars and getting ready to “group chat” with some of my classmates on a group project we are working on. One member of our team is not responding to emails and doesn’t really seem to be involved in our project. BOO! I hate it when you get that one person that doesn’t participate. I’d rather just dismiss them, do the project without them and move on, but you can’t do that, instead you have to wait and see if they are going to deliver and trying to track them down and keep up with them only takes you off task.

Our team was down a person from the start, but no worries, for me that is just one less person to keep up with, one less point-of-view to work into the project. I’m a team player, but I like to be playing on a good team. It seems like everything, from work to training to college is all about the team environment. When did this happen? When I first went to college teaming wasn’t as big of a deal as it is now. Now it seems that teachers can’t do anything without assigning a group project.

On a down note, I hurt my back something serious during Frisbee on Saturday. I am actually going to the Chiropractor tomorrow as it is not getting better. I want my back better! I keep trying to will it back! “WIGGLE YOUR BIG TOE!” Tell me where the quote is from and get bonus blogs points.

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