Yoga: Breaking Through

I’ve been to over 30 Yoga classes now and I am LOVING IT. 1.5 sweaty hours 3-4 times a week is awesome. I’m finally able to really do bow pose well. I used to could just barely grab my legs and now I can actually pull myself up like this…


And only recently have I been able to do this pose that I saw Jeremy Piven do on Entourage.


And it seems that Sting and Madonna were on the right track by starting Yoga years ago. I remember when the news reported that Madonna was throwing out all of her weights and only doing Yoga. Now she’s including it in her performances on stage.

Madonna - Great Yoga Pose

madonna on stage doing yoga

And I really don’t know why Sting is nude and covered with mud in this Tree pose, but he does Yoga religiously as well.

Sting is a big fan of Yoga

You must take a look at this video to see what I am talking about… at 2:35 seconds this guy does an amazing pose. Yoga is the ultimate physical challenge.

2007 Bikram Yoga Championships Amsterdam

And now even schools are offering Yoga to students to help relieve stress. It’s all the rage and with good reason, I’ve never felt better.

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