Big (the designer formerly known as “Biggy”)

I used to be a ManiAAC and that experience was great, but what was really cool were the people I met during that time. From firemen and warehouse managers to graphic designers and accountants. Biggy happens to be the graphic designer of the group and he designed this poster the first season I was a ManiAAC.


Big is a graphic designer and recently he redesigned the ManiAACs MySpace page. He told me to go visit and knowing Biggy’s design experience I knew it would be pretty baller, but when I saw it I was blown away. Click here to check it out.

If you never done any design work then you might not know how much time it takes to make something flow nicely using a predetermined format. MySpace is not user friendly when it comes to template redesign and so in order for Big to make this one look so incredibly professional just floors me. Great use of color, it’s bright and professional and incorporates the right amount of Flash without being overkill. Also, if you check out the video it has me in it and so that is a bonus.

I don’t design websites anymore, but Big does as well as graphic design. I like what he did with the ManiAAC page so much that I may have to get him to hook me up with some cool graphics for which is in need of a complete overhaul which I plan to do in silver and black.

If you need something designed, hit him up at


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