Grad School = Girls

This wasn’t something I gave a lot of thought to when I enrolled at UTD. I imagined long classes and lots of homework. Tests, group projects, and a lot of reading were going to be the only things I had to look forward to when going back to school. So how did I forget about the girls?

Everywhere I turned there were cute girls, some bundled up in hoodies, some in those furry boots and jeans and a gorgeous black woman behind the counter where I was getting my student ID. She was so pretty I felt almost compelled to ask her, “What’s your sign?”

I imagined us sipping wine by a fireplace, what our kids would look like, and how she would sound when she laughed at my jokes.

I took my student ID and left the student union building. As I walked down the stairs I noticed a plethora of cuties. It wasn’t until this moment that I realized how working at TI and staying in my same circles that I am so very rarely exposed to attractive single 20 somethings – especially ones that are educating themselves.

Right now I am too busy getting training to be the next Football star, but in the meantime, while at Grad School, I’ll be enjoying the scenery.

By Evan Stark

Eddie Renz is an avid fan of Egyptology, Wilbur Smith and bacon. Not a fan of humility but often finds himself humbled when he is around people who understand numbers like the Fibonacci sequence and Pi.

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