Finally, I started Grad school.

I got registered, classes are paid for, my first class is this Thursday. Global Business. I’m really excited about finally starting down this road. Jumping through the hoops of applying, getting transcripts, waiting for acceptance, enrolling, paying and getting tuition reimbursement from work is exhausting.

What else has been going on in my life?

I’ve been eating poorly already. My diet hasn’t lasted because I am always going out to lunch with friends. Same excuse, same Eddie. Last week it was Sunday was lunch at Cafe Express with Erin, Monday night was Papa John’s and hot wings with Dumas and the guys while we watched the BCS Championship game. Tuesday Sushi with Andrew and then Indian food on Wednesday at Iravat with Stephanie. Friday night it was Spaghetti with the Ferris’ (best spaghetti I have had in ages, the sauce was so stinking good and I got to take home leftovers – Thanks Jes! I already ate them!!). I was supposed to have lunch with Nathan on Thursday but he had to cancel and then on Friday I had a birthday luncheon at Chili’s for a co-worker. All that socializing in one week. Crazy.

I’ve also been to a lot of movies. Last Saturday I went to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets with the Miller’s. It was really good, I liked it better than the first one. Then I went to see Charlie Wilson’s War and was delighted and surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Lots of TNA, but other than thagt it is very good. Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are sensational and so fun to watch. I really loved this movie, it made me want to get more involved in politics. I also enjoyed watching all the old people coming into the theater for this movie – it was like That 70’s Show. Dyed and Fried, poofed and coiffed, large handbags, big glasses, lime green pants, gaudy rings – I love old people – as long as they are not driving in front of me – or driving me around.

While at the Ferris’ on Friday night we watched “Sunshine”. This movie is weird. It is directed by the same guy that did 28 Days Later and it starts out pretty good and then goes into this thriller mode which never really takes off. I still had a fantastic time over there as it is always so fun just do some low-key dining with friends as opposed to going out, dropping lots of cash and having to get dressed up. I wore my MAVS sweat suit and an oversized ManiAAC t-shirt and I didn’t even bother putting shoes on so I could be ultra comfortable. Thanks again Jes and Roger for having me over.

Now I am vegging at the house and debating about whether or not I want to whip up these Sprinkles cupcakes that I got for Christmas from Dumas and Melinda. I didn’t get a birthday cake this year and so maybe today I will celebrate all by myself with 12 cupcakes and a gallon of milk. Happy Late Birthday to me!

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