I received an interest payment!

I checked my Chase checking account and there was an interest payment of .05 added to my account. I’ve had over 1000 dollars in my checking account for a couple of months now – I know, I’m so loaded, haha. Anyway, I saw that nickel and I thought – why bother? I take nickels and throw them out the window while driving down the road. Can’t they at least give me a quarter? Does it take 5000 a month for a number of months to get a quarter? So does that mean I would need 20,000 grand in my account to get a dollar?

I’m watching Food Network right now and they are having a cookie challenge… Now I am dying for a chocolate chip cookie, an oatmeal chocolate chip like the ones they make at Potbelly. Yes, Jenni, I have been to Potbelly and that is why I have one! I get the Italian with meatballs added – it’s fantastic!

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