Aiden turned 2, I turned 32

We took Aiden to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday. He loved it. I thought he would probably be too young to really enjoy it since a lot of it is video games, but they have plenty of things for 2 year olds to do.

He really loved this one ride where you sit on a horse and watch the screen as it runs. We had to help him make ikt go, but he still loved it. He loves horses and dogs, I mean really loves them, which is only fitting since his mom and dad both had horses growing up.

Here he is on one of the toys he got for his birthday, after he got this, he no longer needed any of the rides and toys they had at Chuck E. Cheese.


On the 17th of December I turned 32. This year was probably the most anti-climactic birthday ever. No real parties, just kept it low key and this was how I wanted it. I used to make such a fuss over my birthday, especially since it was easy to overlook being so close to Christmas and all, but now I realize people are busy and things get hectic during the holiday season and so there is no need to make a big to-do out of my birthday. People love me and I’m so blessed that most every day feels like my birthday.


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