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I went and saw this movie on Sunday and really enjoyed it, however, I was expecting just a little more. At times it was slow and the ending was a little anti-climactic. There is also a lot of CGI and it was very obvious with some of the deer and the zombie creature people things. So I recommend renting this movie even though I think it has a brilliant moral – Light up the darkness.

No Country for Old Men

For part of the movie I was on the edge of my seat, but at the end I was literally annoyed – wait, I said, “the end” which would be a misnomer because there really isn’t an end in this movie. Nothing is wrapped up nicely and packaged with a pretty bow the way we want it to be. The acting is brilliant, the story line is cool, but why in the world didn’t they write an ending? I say rent it, but know the end will disappoint.


I actually really enjoyed this romantic comedy. I mean who doesn’t love Patrick Dempsey? He’s good looking, but he isn’t arrogant, he’s likeable and vulnerable. And who is that delightful red head? She’s effervescent and fresh. I want to marry her, she enchanted me. Go see this movie with someone you love, or someone you’d like to fall in love with you.

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