Cranium Ho Hum

Cranium Wow, the 8th version of the popular game, Cranium, is more ho-hum and not so much WOW.

I freakin’ love Cranium, why? Because I rock at it. No brag, just fact. Then they came out with this Turbo Edition and Hoopla and a few other spin-offs of the game that weren’t as much fun as the original. Sensing that they had probably pushed the envelope too far with these amalgamations of greatness and crap, they tried to come back to the original with a few cool changes. The new pieces are actually little people that you can add hats and hair to and that is cool and the board is in this shiny black and silver and that is also very alluring, but the game was too easy.

It should have been called Cranium Special Ed instead of Cranium WOW.  In the Turbo Edition of Cranium they came out with a team gnilleps – which is spelling backwards as a team. So the 4 of us had to spell calculus backwards. S-U-L-U-C-L-A-C. How easy is that?  

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