Best Indian Food in Plano

Photo courtesy of Flickr and Satya

Iravat, located in the small Asian Market off of Legacy and 75 is hands down the best Indian food I’ve ever devoured. Chetinaad Palace and Akbar have good food, but their buffet is limited to the same items every single time that you go. On occasion they may changed out a dish or two, but most of the time it is the same. Iravat, on the other hand, is a sumptuous feast with so much variety that my only disappointment has been in the fact that sometimes I go back because I want Molai Kofta or Chicken 555 and then they don’t have it that day.  This change of menu forces me to branch out and try new things and I’m almost always delighted with the freshness and deliciousness of their food.

I love most authentic ethnic restaurants, however, sometimes they seem to lack cleanliness and ambience. So many Chinese food places seem to just throw a few Asian decorations on the walls and then add a few tables and chairs and call it day. This isn’t the case with Iravat. It’s classy, clean and cozy. The only downside was that we sat in a booth and the table was so big that I had to squeeze myself in. I’m a big guy, but compared to many Americans I’m more and more becoming closer to the average as far as waist size goes and so they may want to scale back those tables some so people can actually fit.

So if you are in the Plano area and you want awesome Indian food, try Iravat, it is awesome.

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