Roasted Squirrel

After speaking with wildlife911 they told me that sometimes squirrels get trapped not in the chimney, but in the housing that is around the smoke tube. “Take a rope and run it down in that crack so the squirrel can climb out.”

This sounded like a fine idea, except that is was freezing cold last night and this morning the roof was still pretty wet. I bundled up and climbed belly first hugging the roof. Wet and cold I fed the rope to the groove between the chimney. I got two ropes and tied them together so when my squirrel rescue attempt was successful I wouldn’t have to get back on the roof, but instead I could just pull the long rope from the ground.

This evening I had  a mini Christmas party and lit a fire. All day I never heard the squirrel, either he got out last night or early this morning, either way I never heard him and if the little guy is still in there, he’s probably not alive.

I don’t smell anything now and I didn’t hear any frantic scratching like he was on fire so I hope he did get out to safety. Now I’ve got to do something to keep that happening from again.

This is one of the joys of home ownership, but even when things like this happen, having a home is still worth every sacrifice. Every day I thank God for my place. Every. Day. I freakin’ love my place. It rocks.

By the way, it tastes like chicken.

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