Canon SLR

What does SLR mean? I googled it and the answer was “single lens reflex” meaning that what you see is what you get because a mirror is throwing the image to your eye from the lens – or something like that.

 All I know is that most professional photographers use SLR cameras and people on FLICKR are always throwing around SLR like Paris Hilton throws around words like Prada and Hermes.

So there is this relatively inexpensive SLR camera. The Canon EOS Rebel for 549.00. I’d like something to help me break into the photography market. I mean, I’ve got photoshop cs3 now and I can take a few classes on photography and photoshop and boom, I’m a wedding photographer.

So if you have any ideas on which cameras are better than the Canon 8.1 Megapixel rebel holla back…

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