Green Bay v. Dallas

Last weekend I watched upset after upset. I watched as LSU got beat by Arkansas in the 3rd overtime. Then Tennessee beat Kentucky in the 3rd overtime. Then Mizzou beat #1 Kansas and made Kansas look almost as bad as UNT. Okay, maybe not that bad.

Speaking of UNT, I wonder what Todd Dodge will look like next year once he has his son and half of his old students playing on his team? Is coaching college football that much different than High School? My guess is that it is. The bar is raised, but I can’t imagine that it can compare to the bar that the NFL sets. For those guys this is their 9-5. Sure it’s a game, but it’s also business. The stakes are so high in pro sports it makes me wonder why government gets involved when athletes start taking performance enhancing drugs. They punish the players, but what about the organization and their unrealistic expectations?

I still get asked a couple of times a month, “Do you play football?” or “Are you still dancing for the Mavericks?” Part of me wants to say, “yes” to them because that is what they want to hear, but truthfully, physically I was built to be a lineman, I would have been a good one, but mentally? I don’t have that kind of toughness. If it was just hard work, running, sweating it out, I could do it. I love a physical challenge, but the demands of society, the pressure, the expectation – that is what would get to me. But… there are times when I think… Should I try out for the Dallas Desperados? I enteratin the thought for a moment, and then I let it go. Would it really be worth the trouble? What would the real price be?

For now I’ll be content watching Green Bay and Dallas battle it out. I delight in watching Tony Romo play because he’s always smiling. For now he still looks like he is having a blast. He doesn’t seem to take himself, or the game too seriously and yet he is still winning. To me that’s cool.

Go Cowboys!

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