Dearest Computer,

I find myself once again worshipping at your keys. Your alluring face shines upon me and showers me with blessings. I am your slave, you have become my master.

When I wake up in the morning, you are the first thing that I think about. When I lay my head on my fluffy white pillow, I remember that you are the one who showed me those pillows. The house that I live in, was brought to me by you. My car, my job, my world revolves around you.

When I am lonely, it is you that I turn to. When I am sad, you lift me up with endless games, websites, jokes, stories, blogs, newsclips, all my wants and needs are satisfied by you.

The sound of my fingers pressing against your keys brings me great pleasure. This sound has become my biggest crave. When you are away, it is this sound that I miss. Click, click. Click, click, click. Like rain the pitter patter is soothing and sweet.

You have become my world and my love for you is immeasurable, but so is my hate. You steal from me sunshine, you take away the breeze, you have become my crutch, I am crippled without you. I cannot find my way without you, I have no compass, I am lost. I don’t know how to pay my bills or communicate with my friends. I cannot create without you.

You have become my greatest strength, my biggest weakness. You have wrapped me in your warm arms and held me tight, but now I am starting to suffocate. I’m an addict, a user and I cannot get you out of my veins. I cannot help but submit to your control. But one day, one day I pray I will be free… from this hold you have on me.

Yours forever,


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