Writing… again…

Well Thanksgiving is over – but the binge eating isn’t.

This year I didn’t run the Turkey Trot, I cannot come on this website and brag to the masses that “I RAN EIGHT MILES!”. What I can do is say that I ate so much food that i would have needed to run 8 miles at least 8 times to burn off all those calories. But come on, it’s Thanksgiving right? Right. We make excuses for Holidays, too bad my entire life seems to be one big Holiday. But hey, I’m not complaining… not really.

I zipped over to good ol’ Waco to visit the Bruners and had a good time, but it rained cats and dogs and really put a damper on things. Then after a rousing game of Racquetball on Saturday we stopped to help two old ladies change a flat. Their spare was the wrong size and so we had to go and get them a new tire. We went to the closest place – Pep Boys and they charged us $60 dollars for a new tire. They wouldn’t even cut us a break on mounting and balancing. Cripes! Merry Christmas to you too Pep Boys, you just lost a customer tight wads. Whew, I feel better now getting that out of my system.

Thanksgiving, the actual feasting part, was held at my house this year. It was fun, but I acutally bailed on the Turkey Trot so I could get some freelance work done on Thanksgiving morning. 5 hours and one database later I was finally done with the bulk of the project and my brain was fried. I don’t normally do databases, but hey, if it pays the bills it pays the bills.

I’ve also been going through a writing phase again. The other day I pounded out 12,000 words in about 5 hours. I plan to publish this book… someday… haha. But it feels good to be in the writing zone again.

Merry Christmas!

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