I finally got my site back up… but I am home and my theme is on my backup hard drive at work so this is going to be the theme for now… I know, lame.

What have I been up to? Well, last week when this site crashed I wanted to write a cool post about how I needed to decompress. I had been working to get these two presentations done that were going to be presented on Tuesday and Thursday of last week. Well, I did it and I had over 100 people attend each session which rocked. However, after they were both done I had all this built up energy. It’s like momentum that has been stored up and when the presentation doesn’t fully release the momentum… well… you still have to do something to burn off all that energy.

After the energy crisis I had work thing to attend – bowling. It might as well have been a lecture series on watching grass grow. I hate bowling.

So my site needed to be up because when I have pent up energy, when I am frustrated, this is where I turn. For cripes sake, this website is my dang therapist and so if it goes down then I might go down with it.

Books… well, I just finished Cross by James Patterson and The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold and now I am reading her memoir “Lucky” which just so happens to be about her being beaten and raped when she was 18. It’s riveting and horrific and makes me want to vomit when I think of the heinous crimes we men commit against women.

I’m going to become a monk.

I need to go do Yoga now but I don’t feel like it. Instead I want to sit here on my couch and watch Chuck and eat a large sub sandwich. But I don’t have a sub sandwich.

Readers, you faithful few, I promise to write something brilliant soon. I feel it brewing within me as well as a new site design or a masthead or something.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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