Dear Holiday Gingerbread Loaf,

I saw you through the window. You were staring right at me and I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. Dark, rich, and sweet – you immediatly crossed all these adjectives off of my “must have” list.

We shared a sugar free Vanilla Latte and reminisced about favorite books, movies, blogs, and sudoku. We laughed at a few inside jokes. Good times.

You watched me eye a tall blonde with stunning legs wrapped tightly in a small piece of cloth that could hardly be called a skirt. (Talk about tidings of comfort and joy!) Delicious curls spilled down her back and as I continued to drink her in you reminded me that I was there to spend time with you and I felt myself blush. Shame on me, just add me to the naughty list.

We listened to the sounds of the espresso machine, the baristas shouting out orders, “nonfateggnog latte!”, “tripleventipeppermintmocha!”, “doubletallsoychailatte!” and Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You.

Before I knew it you were gone, all gone, except for the lingering taste of ginger and spice that you had left on my lips. Until tomorrow…

I love you,


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