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This article I found on Dooce’s site. Very interesting read and I am not even a dog owner…

Rememble – one of my clients asked for a journaling website that wasn’t shared with the world. She didn’t want to blog, but she wanted to be able to access her journal from any computer in any location. Rememble lets you do that. – this was something that my friend Crystalyn told me about. Later I also read about it on dooce, but it is purely coincidental. The funny thing was that about 2 weeks before Dooce posted about Flor, I sent her a link to it… However, it was obvious she had known about Flor way before I ever sent her the link.

Mac OS X Leopard – this isn’t new News, but it is still worth noting. Mac has a new operating system. Just when you thought they were too busy making iThis and iThat, they are crunching away on their OS and their computers and marketing like gangbusters. I like Mac’s, they are great for the design, advertising, and print industry, however, are they really all they’re cracked up to be?

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