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Holy Discontent: Fueling the fire that ignites personal vision – by Bill Hybels

When I first read the title of this book I thought it was going to be about people who were discontent with their faith, it isn’t. It is a book about people who were unsettled by what they saw around them and they decided to do something about it. People like Mother Teresa who walked to school every day and passed homeless families on the streets. She couldn’t stand it, so she did something about it.

As I read the book I felt motivated, but this book is like many others in that it is just a book with a lot of great information. We can read books until our eyesight dims and we need glasses, but knowledge without action is about as good as a car without gas.

Personal Vision… what exactly is that? I look around and I don’t see many people with personal vision. Most people don’t even make small short time goals much less have a vision that is outside the scope of their wants and needs. I see people like Oprah, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Ross Perot, Steve Jobs – those people have vision, but what about vision that has nothing to do with personal gain and is only focused on helping the people around you for the glory of Christ? 

Give this book a try if you want to have your eyes opened to the way people have changed the world because of a little Holy Discontent.

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