Aiden – stop it with all that dang cuteness!

Aiden, what are you into now? Pringles? Did you already finish that whole can? Oh, that’s okay we have a whole bag of Lays for you to eat and for those ones that don’t hold up to your refined palette, just toss them on the floor, your mom will pick them up later.

What’s that? You want to go swing on your little playset in the backyard? Okay, I need to workout my arms for 20 minutes anyway. Let’s go!

I heard that you are still working on your creativity which you no doubt got from your Uncle Eddie. I remember when I was 5 I wrote on the fireplace with crayon. Boy were my hands tired from scrubbing all that crayon off. It’s a good thing you were scribbling recently at Gramma’s and not my house because she is more accepting of your artwork on her furniture than I am. Those Gramma’s just let you get away with anything.

And Aiden, I sure have been enjoying you being at my house. The other night when you held my face in your hands and looked in my eyes I couldn’t help but think it was a miniature me looking back. Your big brown eyes stared at me then you pushed my face away like it was the most hideous thing you’d ever seen. Finally, we’re bonding.

Speaking of bonding, I love spinning you around until you are dizzy and then watching you try to stand up. Your mom and I just laugh and laugh because you look stoned. As soon as you can finally move again you want another go round and we oblige until we are all about to vomit.

I’m also looking forward to seeing what you will be when you grow up. Right now you sure like to play golf and of course you love a good body slam. If you stay with Uncle Eddo much longer I am sure you will grow up to be a famous wrestler, however, if you keep going to Gramma’s you’ll probably become a televangelist.  You do love to do everything your gramma teaches you. When you throw your hands up and try to say, “Praise the Lord Hallelujah!” I can’t help but laugh. When you give me knuckles I smile, not because you are so dang smart, but because you are blessed to have such a great teacher. Gramma sure loves you and sure loves to spoil you rotten, but when you get tired of her sugary sweetness, come on back to Uncle Eddo’s house, I might be hideous to look at, but I’ve always got lots of Pringles.

I love you little buddy,

Uncle Eddo

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