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Mr. Woodcock

Yep, the title induces giggles and so does the film, however, I was a little disappointed in the movie. The previews set you up to think that this movie is going to be about a boy who was verbally and sometimes physically abused (baseball bat to the crotch to see if you are wearing a cup) by his middle school PE coach played by Billy Bob Thornton.

Sean William Scott does a brilliant job acting, so much so that Braun, my buddy who was with me, didn’t even realize that he was Stiffler from the American Pie trilogy.  Scott plays a self-help guru who has written a best-selling book called, “Getting Past Your Past”.

So Mr. Woodcock is about to marry Susan Sarandon and of course Stiffler isn’t happy abou this and then some hilarity ensues, but for the most part the movie turns sappy and predictable. A few times I caught myself yawning. Unfortunately, brilliant movies like Blades of Glory with John Heder and Will Ferrel have really raised the bar and so other comedies really have to work in order to truly be effective comedically. (is that a word?)

So I give this movie a 2.5 out of 5 stars. A big plus because it isn’t filled with tons of raunch like so many movies today, but a minus because of a poor and disjointed story that really had the opportunity to be something spectacular.

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