I’m listening to…

James Blunt – I’ll Take Everything – from his new album “All the lost souls…”

Elliot Yamin – Wait For You – I wasn’t a huge fan of this American Idol, but I am now.

Frou Frou – The Dumbing Down of Love – I only recently found this one. It’s so sweet and somber it almost makes you want to commit suicide – but in a good way.

Kanye West – Stronger – Still going strong this song is a non-stop dance hit.

The Rocket Summer – So Much Love (The video is awesome!)

Imogen Heap – Goodnight and Go – Imogen is such a creative genius she blows away the other mass produced phonies out there. Simply Brilliant with her creative use of sound that I want to liquify her and drink her up with a straw.

Snow Patrol – Run – this song starts out so slow and then it has those key lyrics, “Light up, Light up, as if you have a choice… ” This song will always be a favorite.

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