If my life were a headline on the front page of the Dallas Morning News it would read, “Area Man Defies Thermodynamic Laws”. It seems that I am able to turn back time, to be in multiple places at once, and when necessary, stop time. Yep, I’m an X-Man, or a “Hero” or a Superfriend, whatever you want to label me, label me, because it’s true.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve managed to work full time, design websites for work, juggle a new relationship, visit friends at various parties, go to the movies, design stages, design and cut 400 invitations, make curtains, and an entire 21 table room design single-handedly. This design includes table clothes, curtains, 50 plus slides containing information about various countries, write and direct a skit about DLP involving 10 people, choreograph a dance piece for the talent show and somehow do so good at my regular job that I got a bonus from one of the people I support. Now tell me if you don’t believe in my super-powers now?

However, in each and every activity that I involve myself in, I tend to go a little overboard. I’m excessive at times and I include superfluous items in my design that are most likely overlooked by the average observer. Thus, my super hero identity would be Super Fluous. Whenever I walk into a room I’ll yell out, “SUPERFLUOUS!” and suddenly all this unecessary stuff will appear along with an insurmountable pile of work.

Also, my super power requires me to almost always work alone because I am too anal about my projects to allow any other creative input from others. What is more, I so often find that people lack true creative depth and so asking most people for input would be like Einstein asking me for assistance with a Euclidean geometry question. 

So… tomorrow is the big fair that I am in charge of at work. Today all the detail work must be done and you know what they say… the Devil is in the details. (what does that mean anyway? )

So if you see me flying over your neighborhood and someone yells, “It’s a huge bird! No, it’s Plane!” You can correct them and say, “Nope, that’s Superfluous!”

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