Eddo’s Huge House Warming Bash 2007

Last weekend I had a huge house-warming party. I had around 70 people show up and at one point the house was full with the couches, chairs and floors overflowing.

So many friends showed up and feasted on my Chipotle Peach Glazed Pork Loin, Spinach Chicken Alfredo Lasgna and my Traditional Fresh Basil Italian Sausage Lasagna.  We had karaoke in the living room and Dance Dance Revolution setup with a projector in my bedroom so people could have a dance off. My sister who runs a karaoke business setup her extensive DJ and Karaoke equipment and my best friend Joe brought down his PlayStation 2 and it really helped make the party a big success.

So now my entire house is painted expect for the bedrooms and bathrooms, my lawn is mowed and looking good. I put up new Faux Wood white 2 inch blinds in the living room and they look amazing and I got this new green rug that has a huge red rooster on it that really works with all my living room decor.  I’ll try to shoot some pictures of it soon so I can show it to you.

My sister and her son are also living with me now and I am delighted to have them! It’s nice getting to see Aiden and having someone to eat dinner with and help with house-hold chores rocks too! So things are still very busy in my life right now.

I’ve got more to talk about, but that will come soon and needs to be separated into a different post.

Later taters!

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