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I recently purchased some software from Software The price was 200 less than it was on the Adobe site and so I thought “why not?”. Later I lost my software before I ever got it installed and so I contacted and told them what happened to see if they could email me the activation code.  Almost a week later I finally heard back from them and this was there response.


I really wish I could help, we sell thousands of products and have no
way of keeping track of all of the product keys, as they are all
unique. In addition it would be illegal for us to do so.

As I am sure you can tell the value of the software is in the product
key itself, the disk is useless without it. I am not sure if adobe
would be able to issue you a new key or not but this is your best bet,
as we can issue you a refund or another key.


So what, now I am out 400 bucks because they can’t give me another product key? And why not? They should be keeping track of the activation codes just in case something like this happens. This is extremely unacceptable. If I were to purchase any other type of tangible product I could get a refund if I didn’t like it, but with this software, I can’t even get it activated because this dumb company didn’t keep track of the key.

Okay, most of the responsibility is mine as I should have just paid more and bought it through, but just a heads up, don’t buy from I called Adobe and they said if I had bought the software through them then I could get the key. Ugh. I’m so livid right now.

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